Rohde's have been producing Free Range Eggs for more than 50 years, in the pristine rural surrounds of Tarlee, 80 Kilometres north of Adelaide on the edge of the Clare Valley.

In the 1950s, Ian and Jill Rohde decided to supplement their farm income by dedicating a small area of their Ruradene Farm property to hens.

Over the years, demand has continued growing for their quality, free range eggs. In 1998, John & Angela and Ian & Jill expanded the business, harnessing three generations of Rohde family expertise (including their four children) and the tireless efforts of their dedicated employees.

Every Rohde Free Range Egg you buy has been produced by one of 60,000 chooks who roam freely from paddock to laying shed and produce approximately 45,000 eggs per day. That mighty effort accounts for one out of every five free range eggs produced in South Australia!

Life is blissful for the hens who tuck into the grain grown on the farm and lay in spacious, comfortable conditions in a modern facility which is carefully monitored. Conditions are so good that the Ruradene Farm is the only free range RSPCA Approved farm in South Australia!

Ange & John Rohde
Ange & John Rohde

Free Range Density

Rohdes Free Range Eggs strongly follows the model code of practice for free range eggs which should be produced by hens who have access to an outdoor area and that there is a maximum of 1500 hens per hectare.

Unfortunately a report found many eggs sold in Australia in 2014 under the ‘free range’ label fell short of the national code of practice. Some of the worst offenders were Australia's supermarket giants. Source: Choice.


Rohde's Free Range Eggs hold 1,500 hens per hectare.


But most free range producers have 10,000 per hectare.